Welcome To Prison: Phase#7


After you left Oklahoma reception center you were flown to another federal holdover in Pennsylvania. You were held overnight and in the morning around 7am, you were escorted on to a bus which will travel 6-10 hours to your assigned prison. Finally 8 hours later you pull up to the prison that looks like a big ass old castle. Your called by your name and 8 digit number and get off the bus. You will walk through the main prison entrance and go through a quick processing being asked a few questions. Next you and about 30-50 men will form a single file line and walk to the intake section for all new inmates. There you will be given some papers to fill out. Pretty much the same ones you filled out in Oklahoma. You will have to list your emergency contact if something should ever happen to you and fill out general questions asking about your health, if your gang affiliated, and a long list of questions that will determine what unit or section of the prison you will be housed or living at.

Next after filling out all that paper work you will be asked to follow a prison officer into a small room and they will strip you and issue you 1 pair of underwear, 1 T-shirt, socks, 1 pair of khaki pants and 1 khaki shirt. You will also be asked your shoe size and given some boots or slippers that inmates call “Bruce lee’s”. Next you will be given a bed roll which is similar to the bed roll you received in Oklahoma.

Next you will be called individually one by one into a room and asked to close the door. Once inside you will be face to face with a Lieutenant for the prison. He/she will ask you a series of questions. They will ask you if your scared, if you testified against anyone, if you are gang affiliated and if so what gang are you in? They will ask you if you ever committed a sex crime and be honest as the convicts or inmates your about to be around will find out what your past or current charges are. If they find out your past or present charges have anything to do with sex crimes against children or women they will tell you that you may want to think about going to the hole of shu. If you tell them that your gang affiliated they will tell you to strip and take full front, side and back pics of your entire body. If your gang affiliated and your gang is not allowed at that prison or fighting with other gangs at that prison, you have a 99% chance your going to the hole or shu. You will sit in the hole or shu for 3-18 months till they are ready to transfer you. The Lieutenant will also tell you who runs the yard or what group of inmates controls the prison yard of compound. He/she will tell you how the prison is ran and if its a lockdown prison. Meaning every little thing that happens on the yard or compound the staff will lock the prison down and you will be locked in your cell or room for 1 hour to 2-6 months depending on how bad the situation is.

If a lockdown happens all inmates will be feed a bag breakfast, lunch and dinner. You will get milk and cereal in the morning for breakfast which is a small amount. You will get slimy bologna and stale bread and an apple for lunch and you will get peanut butter and bread for dinner and this is everyday till the lockdown is over. During lockdowns there is no store or commissary. Commissary is where inmates go and spend money off their accounts to buy food, shoes, cosmetics, what ever the prison allows you to have. My advice is make sure you have some money on your books or account and when able to shop you get everything you need at the store or commissary as you don’t ever want to get put on lockdown and have nothing to eat.

Once your done being questioned they will make all new inmates form a line and tell each inmate where they are being housed at. Next staff will open a door that leads to the prison yard or compound. Once you and the others close the door behind you, you will normally see hundreds of inmates waiting for you about 30 yards away or closer. You will get a knot in your stomach because you have no fucking idea what is about to happen to you with hundreds of other inmates staring at you like your something to eat. As you walk from the prison intake area all your about to hear is “Hey where you from, where did you come from and what did you do to come to prison”? Also all the gangs on the yard are looking at you up and down to see if you have any tattoos associated with other gangs and looking for signs that your their rival. Your at a USP so most of the hundred of inmates looking at you have knives or sharp objects that they will use on you if your the wrong gang or someone they have been waiting for. Inmates have a way of knowing what inmates are coming and more than likely had someone on the street look certain new inmates up and know what your locked up for. This is why the Lieutenant asked you in the room what’s up with you? As the convicts at that prison know what your crime or charges are and if your dumb enough to think your going to be able to trick the inmates your about to meet, live with and be around you. Your making a BIG MISTAKE a Deadly mistake. Your at a High prison and considered “FRESH MEAT”. You were asked if your gang affiliated as gangs like the G’D’s, Crips, Bloods, Mexican mafia, Dirty white boys, Aryan Brotherhood and many others are looking for drop outs or men that stop being affiliated with that gang and anybody who just isn’t right to them.

As your walking to your assigned unit or pod. You see other inmates following you trying to talk to you. Once you tell them your name and where your from, they will point you in the right direction of where your Home boys or other inmates from your state or car are from. A car is a group of states that all run together. Examples are:
*Midwest car consist of the following states: Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Chicago, Oklahoma
*South car consist of the following states: Texas, Florida, Alabama, Georgia and Louisiana
*West coat car consist of the following states: California, Oregon, Utah, Arizona, Montana and Portland
*East coast car consist of the following states: New York, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, New Jersey, Virginia, Washington, Dc. Also any states that are close by will determine who is your Homie or in your car.

You will quickly meet the men who are in your car. Most times they have what’s called a “Care Package” or bag filled with items for you and other new inmates that’s in your car. The bag is filled with soups, and other food items, a bowl and stamps. Stamps are 90% the currency on most prison yards. Most prison uses stamps to buy any and everything. You shake hands with the few homies you just met and they all tell you to come outside on the next move or when the prison allows movement among the inmates. Its time that you get to your unit as your tired and have been up all day. Your mind starts to wonder and your heart is beating fast. All your thinking about are all the horror stories you have heard since coming to jail what prison life is really about. You finally reach your unit and see more inmates standing on the other side of a glass door looking at you and waiting for you to come into the unit. You close your eyes and say a quick prayer, grab the door and pull it open……………..WELCOME TO PRISON!