Welcome To Prison: Phase #6


Back to you. Due to the nature of your crime you have been assigned to a Low security prison. There is a mistake with your paperwork. You and another inmate have the same name and different 8 digit number. With the mix up in paper work your now going to a USP High level prison and he is going to a Low security prison. Paper work mishaps happen often and are normally corrected very fast yet yours will take up to 3 months.

Its time for you to leave the county jail. You will be placed in a room with other federal Inmates and told to strip naked. For male inmates you will be asked to hand your jail issued clothing to the guard inspecting you. He will shake and look through your prison uniform or clothing. Than he will ask you to open your mouth, move your tongue around and run your fingers through your hair, behind your ears and lift up your nut sack. He will them tell you to turn around, lift up your right than left foot. Than bend over, spread your ass cheeks, squat and cough. Its the same for female inmates and they must lift there breasts, bend over, spread their ass cheeks, squat and cough. With mostly all female inmates being striped searched the female guards doing the searching will also do what’s called a vaginal examine to make sure female inmates are not hiding anything in their vaginas.

Next inmates are placed in the same street clothing and shoes they were arrested in. You will be handcuffed and shackled and placed in a federal van with 5-10 other inmates and driven to a federal hold over. In most cases a federal hold over is nothing more than a county jail that has a contract with the government to house federal inmates. Now state inmates will go through the same process yet will board a van and be taken to a reception center commonly known as a CRC
or Correctional Reception center. Once there, state male inmates will be shaven clean with no head or facial hair. Some states allow hair but state prison rules change often. Also if your convicted to state time you will do time in the state you were charged and found guilty in. Federal inmates will most likely have to take a airplane to a Federal reception center. There are four main federal reception centers the feds use when processing and holding inmates till their prison is ready for them. There located in Oklahoma, Atlanta, Brooklyn NY and Florida. You have sat in a federal holdover in Kentucky for 3 weeks and its time for you to go to one of the four federal reception centers. You will be awakened at 5 am and told to be ready in 1 hour.

Next you will be placed in a van or bus and driven to a designated airport where hundreds of other federal inmates are waiting to be transported. There will be federal issued airplanes flying in and out of the airport your sitting at waiting for your plane to come. Once the plane that your assigned to fly’s in you will than be asked to get out the van or bus. You will see a lot of other vans, buses, police cars and transport vehicles. Each transport vehicle will have other federal inmates, both men and women waiting just like you. As you get out the van or bus a Air marshal or airplane police will call you over to inspect you. Once you reach the Air marshal you will be asked your full name and your full 8 digit assigned federal number or if new to the federal prison system your name will be just fine. After your search and checked you will get a full body pat down and asked to walk towards the Large Airplane waiting for you and close to 150 other inmates to board. If your a female you will be asked to board the plane and immediately sit in the front row. If male you will be asked to sit all the way in the back. There is no talking on the planes. Once everyone is checked and doubled checked its time for the plane to lift off.

Upon arriving at any of the four reception centers. The Air marshals will normally tell you which center your being flown to. The most common one is in Oklahoma. Once you land in Oklahoma. The plane will pull up to the side building of the reception center. You will be called by your full name and your 8 digit number. One by one male/female inmates get up and get off the plane. Once off the plane you will walk down a long wide hallway and be told to stand against the wall. It will always be women on one side and men on the other side. Inmates are them told to walk a straight line and will walk up on something like a platform. There you will be uncuffed and unshackled and if a male told to go straight ahead and follow the line. The line is men waiting to be stripped, searched and given clean clothes. A white shirt, blue elastic pants and slippers will be given to you to wear while your there at the reception center. You will be asked if you want to donate or send home the street clothes and shoes your wearing. Most inmates donate. Next you will be told to go into a large room. Once in the large room you will be surrounded by all kinds of Nationalities of other federal inmates. All will be looking scared, unhappy and sad.

Next you will be called out the large room and told to go to different rooms with assigned numbers on each door #1-5. Each room is a station. You have a Identification station, 2 medical station, a question station and a assessment station to see if your going to general population or the shu. They will ask you if you testified against anyone, do you have any problems with anyone or a gang, if your gang affiliated and ask you questions to make sure your safe. You answered No to all questions and fill out their medical questionnaire. Next you will be given a piece of paper with your name and 8 digit code. Also you will be handed a bed roll. A bed roll is a large blanket rolled up with things inside. Things like a small bar of soap, toothpaste, a pillow case, a small cup and spoon. Your then escorted with a group of about 10-25 other men and taken to a pod or unit. There you will be seen by the unit officer and he/she will assign you the room you will be sleeping in till its time for you to go. You will more than likely have a roommate and be in a 2 man cell with a bunk bed, toilet and sink. Your Bunkie or roommate is there waiting just like you. Everybody that has to go through transit or traveling to a prison hopes that his/her roommate isn’t crazy or has mental issues.

Most federal reception centers have 3-4, TV rooms that are assigned to Blacks, Whites, Latinos and a sports room. There are about 50-75 cells or rooms with a door that locks and all have bunk beds. There is an upstairs and downstairs and a email and phone area. You may stay there 1 night and or up to 6 months waiting for your assigned prison to notify them and let them know they are ready for you. You have waited 2 weeks and its time for you to go. The guards will wake you up at 2:30 am and you will come downstairs and wait in the same large room when you first arrived in Oklahoma. You will want to use the bathroom when its time to go. Depending on what prison your being sent to will determine if you will fly there or take a bus ride. If you take a bus ride it could be anywhere from 3-10 hours and you’ll be handcuffed and shackled so its a must you do a #1 and #2 before getting on either a plane or bus. You will get a bag for breakfast filled with 2 small plastic bags of milk, some stale cereal and a muffin. I suggest strongly you don’t drink the milk as you don’t want to to have to do a #2 and cant. 9 am has finally arrived and your lucky. You will be flying to your assigned prison. You will board the same plane you came on and the same rules apply. Sit back and take a nap because you’re getting ready to see what a scary movie is really about. Its time that you start this 60 month sentence and get it over with.

Mentor Love