Welcome To Prison: Phase #5


As I stated in phase #4 the feds have many factors they use to determine what federal prisons they send federal inmates to and what region they will go to. Depending on what state your address is registered in has a little to do with where you’re supposed to do Federal prison time. As of 2018, the federal prison system is trying to place inmates 500 miles or less from their listed address. The feds go by air miles not driving miles. Also depending on someone’s crime determines what prison they go to also. Here is a list of the 7 highest and lowest federal prisons the feds have to choose from:

1.ADX OR SUPER MAX SECURITY PRISON: This federal prison is located in Colorado and is underground in the mountains. You normally have to have higher than 36 points or have committed crimes like terrorism, killing, escaping from prison, gang leaders, and violent inmates. Inmates there are locked down 23 hours a day in single man rooms and get 30 minutes to 1 hour of recreation. Their mail is read on a TV Monitor and shower in their cells. ADX is very dangerous.

2. SMOOTH PRISONS: These prisons are locked down 23 hours a day and inmates are double-bunked in 2 man cells.
They get 1 hour of recreation in Steele cages that look like Giant dog cages. These prisons typically house a lot of gang members and violent inmates. Also, inmates caught with cell phones sexual acts with staff members and other serious violations of the BOP or Bureau of prisons. You need to have done something bad and already in prison to go to a smooth prison.

3. ADX AND SMOOTH STEP DOWN PRISONS: These prisons are designed to rehabilitate federal inmates who come from either ADX or Smooth Prisons and are working their way down to a Medium level prison. Inmates housed at these prisons are locked down 12-13 hours a day and have a little more freedom but are still very dangerous.

4. (USP) OR UNITED STATES PRISONS. HIGH-LEVEL PRISONS: These prisons house a lot of inmates who have 10 years to a life sentence of more. They also house inmates with bad prison records and stay in trouble. Inmates who are young 18-25 years old and need to be supervised closely end up at these types of prisons. You need to have 24 points or more to go to a USP or have sanctions against you by staff or write-ups for doing something wrong. These prisons also have gun towers where certain trained staff sit in the tower with loaded guns ready to fire if necessary in case of a big riot or fight among the inmates. Normally the gun tower will fire a warning shot than the next shots and the others are meant to kill. These prisons are very violent. Stabbings are a norm in USPs and there is a tall brick wall around all USPs where inmates can’t see the free world. There is more freedom in USPs than in the first two prisons listed but at any time it can go from 0-10 in a matter of seconds and inmates need to be very careful and follow the same rules listed in phase #2.

5. MEDIUM PRISONS OR FCI PRISONS: These prisons are more laid back from the previous listed, yet still have some violence. Medium prisons have a lot of programming and classes for inmates to take. There are no tall brick walls but fences and inmates can see the free world.

6. LOW PRISONS: These prisons are very laid back. They have fences. These prisons normally house a lot of first time
non-violent offenders, with no prison record. Inmates with low points and these prisons also house inmates with sex crimes against children and women. These types of inmates with such charges are looked down on throughout the whole prison system. Inmates with sex crime charges cant go to USPs, Mediums, or Camps for safety and security reasons.

7. CAMP PRISONS: These prisons are pretty much laid back and they have the most freedom among all the prisons. There are no fences and inmates can work street jobs in society. Inmates in camp prisons must-have camp points and have less than 10 years on their sentence. Mostly all famous, rich, and Politicians always go to camp prisons as they have no prior criminal background. Examples: Ex Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich who sold Barack Obama senate seat, celebrities such as Martha Stewart, DMX, Wesly Snipes, and singer Lauren Hill all have been to camp prisons Also there is a lot of contraband such as drugs, cell phones, and inmates bringing back free world food and selling to the other inmates.

* I recommend viewers read the book “Orange Is the New Black” by Piper Kerman. It will also give you a breakdown of what Camp prison life is like for females offenders.