Welcome To Prison: Phase #3


I strongly advise anyone reading this that they have what’s called an “Emergency Stash”. Its wise to put some money away in case of an emergency. Have someone that you know and trust hold some money for you or have access to your Emergency stash. It’s also advisable to have an emergency credit card put away for any unexpected life situation that may occur. Most people don’t think they will come to jail or prison but ANYTHING can happen and you want to be prepared. Don’t ever think because your not a criminal or you wouldn’t break the law that your immune from getting arrested or ending up in jail. Read the newspaper, watch the news and see that more and more people, innocent people are being falsely accused, arrested, shot and even killed. What makes you think you are any better or different? We are living in times where the United States Criminal Justice System is at its worst and police are on high alert and not playing no games. You could be at the wrong place at the wrong time, get pulled over for a mistake identity or a old speeding ticket you forgot about. The latest fashions, new I Phone, partying, shopping whatever may cause you to spend money will have to wait. Just do yourself and family a favor and put away $500-$2500. Neither I nor L&T Empire LLC condone breaking the law or committing crimes, but if you do or don’t its wise to have an “Emergency Stash”.

Once a person has started the initiation process and finds themselves in jail, they will definitely wish they had read this educational blog series. The shock of jail can pass in a matter of hours, days, weeks or become the start of years of isolation and heartache. You thought you experienced stress before coming to jail. Shit waiting in jail days, months or even years to hear what the D.A or District Attorney wants to charge you with, will take your stress levels over the edged. Not to mention the long prison sentence the prosecution want to give you. I have even seen people die in jail as the stress was to much of not knowing what was going to happen to them. Than your mind will play tricks on you with thinking
“Will my woman or man stand by me if I go to prison?” “How will my children cope?” How will my bills, rent or mortgage get paid?” If your facing state charges, more than likely you will fair better than if you were facing federal charges. The state is more lenient than the feds. I don’t know why yet its been that way for decades. A good paid attorney can get state charges and prison time drop dramatically or even get probation. Them same charges go federal and your looking at a 90% chance of coming to federal prison.

The jail and prison system is a MONSTER that needs to be fed to survive. Think about it, if people are not committing crimes, breaking the law and not coming to jail and prison. People loose their jobs and a lot of things start to collapse. The jails and prisons survive by people getting locked up and sentenced. Many jail inmates are forced to get a public defender, which is a court appointed attorney due to not having enough money to get a real attorney that will fight for you. The courts know this and prey on defendants who have no money for good legal reputation. Most public defenders are way to busy representing hundreds of other law breakers and don’t have the proper time to handle jail inmates cases sent to them. The majority are over loaded by the courts as its the law that a person in jail have legal reputation. A lot of public defenders will try and get their clients to take a plea deal, stay in jail, pay a big fine or worst agree on the charges and tell them to get ready for sentencing. A plea is a defendants answer to the charge or indictment against them. An indictment is someone being charged with a crime by the finding of a grand jury. A grand jury is a body or people sworn to inquire into a matter submitted to them by the courts and they give their verdict or answer on rather to charge you. Your public defender will in most cases want you to work with the government and courts and get others in trouble so you can get out of jail or even out of prison. Its accepted and encouraged by all courts. The problem with telling is it will get you labeled a rat or person that told on someone or something. Even worst, it can get you and your family and friends hurt or killed. After someone provides information to the courts about a person or group of people committing a crime or crimes and they get found guilty. The person doing the telling or snitching will get what’s called a 5k1 added to their paperwork and case. This 5k1 will show up on a persons paperwork or documents that show what you was charged and sentenced to.

If coming to prison other inmates will want to see your paperwork and if there is a 5k1 on there, trust me it will not be good for you. Inmates will want to fight you, and even try and take your life. It’s just the way prison life is. There are many levels to prison especially on the federal level. I will talk about that in a few. Also the D.A. or District Attorney and courts want important information like unsolved murders, robberies, gang activity, shootings, drug dealers and information on more series crimes. The better the information provided the better the time cut and less jail or prison time. There are thousands of cases where criminals were in jail or prison with 1 year, a life sentence or even the death penalty. They provided some good information that solved a cold case, murder or got someone the police really wanted convicted and the person or people telling got their time cut or even let out of prison. I have seen it to many times. The bottom line that most criminals say is
“Do the crime do the time and don’t tell and get others in trouble.