Welcome To Prison: Phase #2


You’re about to be around the most vicious criminals your State and county has to offer. Your race will play a big part in how you do your jail time. The Blacks stay with the Blacks, the Latinos with the Latinos and the Whites with Whites. In a lot of county jails they don’t mix the races because if a riot or big fight happens among the races 9 out of 10 the Blacks will get jumped by all the other races combining together. That’s just how it goes in jail. Watch the company you keep and who you hang with. More importantly, watch who you tell your business to. Everybody and I mean EVERYBODY wears a mask in jail. You don’t want to come to jail broadcasting your personal business. Now of course you will talk, yet I’m warning you watch what you say you had, have or anything about your family and crime or crimes you committed. Jail inmates play mind games, back stab and use manipulative methods and ways towards you 24/7 all day everyday, so get ready.

The county jail is very dangerous in many ways. I say that because jail inmates men/women will do ANYTHING to get out of their jail time and prison sentences and use you as a pawn. You wont know it until its to late. There have been thousands of cases where jail inmates will wear a wire or something that records, taped to their bodies and get you to talk about yourself, which will lead to you talking about your past and present life and more than likely you will talk about your crime. The whole time they will act like they cool with you and its all game. What most victims don’t know is that once they get you to confess and say what you did or was involved in. They will than take that recording and hand it over to the D.A. or District Attorney. Then a case will be built against you or the information you provided may be what landed you in jail in the first place and used to convict you. Also be careful what you say on a jail phone. All jail phones record all conversations. Also don’t talk to loud because trust me someone is trying to listen to what your saying in your unit or pod next to you. In some cases more extreme, you may be in jail for something as simple as un unpaid speeding ticket and it can turn into a life sentences. I have seen it and this is what TV and music don’t tell you. Lastly if you get any mail or cards sent to you do yourself a big favor and immediately tear off the senders address or it can lead to even more trouble. Jail inmates are looking for ANYWAY to get money sent to them, having someone to write to and trying to find someone they can use to get what they need rather food or freedom.

Below are some MUST KNOW RULES that all individuals in jail and Prison must know and live by. This guide is meant to educate you and save your life:

1. Trust no one and be extra careful of what you say and who knows your business. The federal government has what’s called a rule 35. That is where someone in jail or prison can find out and use criminal information against you they got in jail or prison and can get time off their jail time or sentence. I have seen inmates go from having 1-10 years in prison to getting an additional 5 years to life sentence for people going back to court on them. So watch what you say!

2. Treat your family and friends and anyone supporting you like priceless diamonds. Don’t ever push people that are there for you while in jail and prison away. You let them leave on their own.

3. Get and stay healthy, physically, mentally and emotionally. Your overall heath is very important.

4. Don’t accept any favors, mess with drugs, alcohol, gamble, borrow anything and don’t engaged in criminal activity.

5. Hear no evil, see no evil and speak no evil. Meaning MIND YOUR DAMN BUSINESS. It can and will save your life.

6. The past is the past. Move forward!

7. Refuse to engage in self pity. It will get you nowhere.

8. Get and stay focused on your case or reason for being in jail. Deal with reality.

9. Aids and other diseases are Real in jail and prison. Don’t engage in any sexually activities. You rather be safe than sorry.

10. Constantly improve and expand your mind with knowledge and positive things. If classes or programs are offered take them. Most importantly research your case ALWAYS!