The Me 2 movement and what it means to me


As a man, I truly respect a woman’s worth and find it damn right shameful for any man to rape, sexually harass, or inappropriately touch a woman without her consent. Even being incarcerated I have seen many female staff cry, quit, and be sexually harassed by their male peers and inmates. I recently just transferred to a new low-level prison, met with the right staff, and started up my famous Men 101 mentoring program. I passed the word around and I met up with about 20 men who all want to change their lives and thinking around. I started a debate with the new men to see how their thinking patterns were and to test them. I asked the men to tell me how they felt about the Me 2 movement. The majority of them or 13, all said they support women being treated with respect and that they agree that a woman shouldn’t be touched in a wrong way and they should get jobs, Ceo positions, and high salaries just like their male peers. The other 7 men had a different view and told me that a woman needs to stay in her place and stop trying to be like a man. They need to be cooking, having the babies, be more submissive and when a man comes home from a hard day of work, have him a hot meal on the table and be looking and smelling good for him. I laughed and said, “You got to be playing thinking that way in 2018 right?” I had to check them and school them and here is what I said:

“Gentlemen first of all do you know that this country has had some pretty amazing women who have done some remarkable things that most of you wouldn’t or couldn’t do? Do you know who Harriet Moses Tubman, Madam CJ Walker, Coretta Scott King, and Dr. Mae Jemison are?” They shook their heads and said, “Well we have heard of Coretta and Harriet but what’s so important about them?” I smiled and said “Let me educate you real quick.

First of all Harriet Tubman freed thousands of slaves and even helped white people who were with freeing the slaves. She was only 4’11, had narcolepsy which means she used to fall asleep at any time. She carried a pistol and had a $40,000 reward for her death and capture. She had bigger balls them most of you men In this room as she risked her life to save others which I know none of you would do.” You should have seen the look on their faces:) “Next gentleman, Madam CJ Walker was one of the first Black people back in the early 1900s that was a millionaire from her hair care products she made from scratch.

Coretta Scott King was Martin Luther King’s wife and she ever remarried after his death. She was a philanthropist and has a favorite quote of “The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.” Last is Dr. Mae Jermison who is one of the first black Astronauts? All of these people are WOMEN and GREAT WOMAN. So now all of you understand you first need to learn your history before you can speak on things you assume or don’t know. Also for you men that have daughters you wouldn’t want a man to rape, touch them in a wrong way or stop them from reaching their goals and dreams, would you? Your daughters will grow up to become women and how would you feel if they were qualified to be CEOs or get a higher salary but due to the fact they were panties and bra’s they were told no?

Mentor Love!