The Forgotton Ones!


We as a society focus so much on the adults in the U.S Prison System, but what about the youth? The paths to Prison for Black and Latino youth is alarming, but the starting points are often the school and foster care systems.


Here are some staggering statistics you should know about Black and Latino youth in America’s schools and foster care systems. 40% of students expelled from U.S schools each year are Black. 70% of students involved in “In-school” arrests, or referred to law enforcement, are Black or Latino. Black students are 3.5x more likely to be suspended than Whites. Black and Latino’s students are 2x as possible to not graduate as Whites.


The youth of color are more likely than Whites to be placed in foster care systems which is a breeding ground for the prison system. 50% of children in foster care systems are Black or Latino. 30% of foster care youth entering the Juvenile Justice System is placement-related behavioral cases. 25% of young people leaving foster care will be incarcerated within a few years after turning 18. 50% of young people leaving foster care will be unemployed within a few years after turning 18. Also, a staggering 70% of Inmates in California state prisons are former foster care youth.


Did you know that 61% of the 2.3 million people in U.S Prisons are Black and Latino? What’s even crazier is Blacks and Latinos only make up 30% of the total U.S Population. One out of three Black makes in the U.S will be incarcerated in his lifetime. Also, one out of six Latino males will be incarcerated in his lifetime.

I want all parents of Black and Latino males age 10-14 to listen up. It is VERYYYYYYYY Important that you have good communication with your male child also that you know who he hangs around and what he is doing with his free time. If he doesn’t have a big brother enroll him into a Big Brother program, the YMCA, or some sort of sport. Also, talk to your child about the police and let him know that he is looked at differently than a white male his age. Suppose you are a parent with a pre-adult Black or Latino male ages 15-18, make sure that he is going to school and if he doesn’t like school than encourage him to enroll in Job core where he can not only get his GED but also they will train him for a trade.

I’m not saying that White males don’t get in trouble, but we all know how The United States sees Blacks and Minorities, so it is what it is, and I don’t deal with candy coding the truth. I am very straight forward with the Fatherless and At-risk youth mentor, and I don’t want YOUR child ending up in my Prison Mentoring Program!

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Mentor Love.