I blog about a variety of things, but something very important to me is talking with others about how important their emotional state is. Society doesn’t understand 90% of people in prison have emotional issues from their childhood and upbringing, which lead them to criminal activities. However, for most people that are not criminals and lawbreakers, If you have been hurt by someone or people in general, have hatred, anger, and resentment toward someone or society, it’s time to let that go! Those emotions are very powerful and if you do not take steps to recover, they will follow you from relationship to relationship. I’m not just talking about your relationships with someone you love, but all forms of relationships you have with your family, friends, colleagues, and children. You may feel or think it’s ok to hate and harbor ill will feelings towards someone or people who have hurt you, but you cant. If you do you will be paying a deadly price. Why? Because when you harbor hatred, resentment, and anger your body’s chemical balance is seriously disrupted. Your fight or flight responses stay alert 24/7 which means those powerful emotions are incompatible with your joy, peace, and relaxation emotions.


I held onto anger during the first 7 years of my incarceration towards people who I thought loved me and were there for me, only to let me down by their actions and lack of support. Not until I read a book about people’s emotional state did I learn how harboring those emotions were hurting me. I learned I was suffering from a condition many people have and don’t know called (HETEROSTASIS), which is a condition of physiological imbalance.

The state of having too much anger, hatred, and emotions that cause an imbalance in your body’s natural chemistry of happy and sad. When people feel off-balanced with themselves they normally develop what is called (Emotional Prisons) because they don’t know how to talk to someone to get help. They keep what’s going on with them inside and that’s not good or healthy. The worst part of keeping feelings inside is if you don’t get help, those feelings will more than likely spill over to any new relationship you develop with someone. Remember we all bring our thoughts, beliefs, and feelings into every relationship we have with friends, family, and that special someone, we allow into our lives. It’s time for people to realize maybe if their relationship or relationships are not working it might be THEM who is causing the mishap and unhappiness in their life.  I’m telling you to start doing self-checks now! If you don’t start making sure your emotional state is healthy how can you give your partner or friends the best of you? I look forward to any feedback and comments you have, and you can reach me at MrL.Love01@gmail.com


Mentor Love