Schooling you on what Incarceration really is!


I want viewers to understand the mental/reality of Incarceration. By no means do I want viewers to feel sorry for inmates. NO that’s not my intention of this blog. I agree with the saying “Do the Crime, Do the Time”. What I want is for society to know and understand the Court system is messed up and needs a major change. The Courts are bullshit. Especially Federal Courts when it comes to the way that they prosecute Federal cases. If someone didn’t die, get molested/raped or seriously injured. A first time offender should NEVER get a sentence of 10yrs to life. 70% of most federal prison sentences are mostly adults that sold drugs to adults not children, bank robbers, and wannabe street hustlers. But the Government sells drugs 24/7 to adults and kids and will NEVER get in trouble as it’s all about the money and they write the laws to imprison everybody else. Ain’t that a Bitch.

I want viewers to understand everybody makes mistakes and if you break the law yes your ass needs to be locked up, to learn a lesson, but not the crazy amount of time the courts especially the Federal courts hand out. I want viewers who have never been to prison to read my “Welcome to Prison” blog-like and share it with their kids, families, and friends and on social media. I want viewers to see into the mind of an inmate stuck in his/her cell overthinking and replying to their lives over and over. How the inmate thinks about his family and wishing to get a second chance. I want viewers to feel the pain that comes with years, or even decades, behind bars for crimes they committed, and for ones they didn’t do. I want viewers to feel the pain that comes with being abandoned by so-called friends and family because your outta sight and outta mind. I want viewers to feel the HURT of not seeing your children for years and watching them grow up from afar. Viewers need to understand if you show any kind of weakness in prison it can cost you your reputation and even your life. I want viewers to experience working in a factor or prison job-making cents on the dollar barely making enough to eat a good healthy meal or have enough money to call home. I want viewers to feel the hurt and embarrassment of asking family, friends, and loved ones for money when you know damn well they don’t have it and are barely making it, and wishing you could do something anything to help them.

I want society to feel the pain of knowing your more than what your crime is, yet you have wasted years, praying and hoping for a helping hand with getting great ideas off the ground, but not having the support and opportunity due to you being an inmate. I want society to understand the stories and real reasons that have led to why so many Black and Latino people are Incarcerated. I want to take you to areas of poverty in the United States of America or the best country on earth so they say, that pushes the youth to the streets and breaking the law before they suddenly realize the fucked up consequences of what comes when breaking the law that nobody told them about. Let us also talk about the parents and family who were on crack and other hard drugs and didn’t raise their kids the right way. Let us talk about why the police beat and kill black/brown people so much and nothing is being done. OH, let us talk about how men/women with no criminal record wanting to do all the right things in life but the kids need food and clothing. Can’t find a good-paying job and are forced to do WHATEVER it takes to feed and help their families. THAT’S INCARCERATION VIEWERS!

It’s more than breaking the law and the police arrest you and you come to jail and prison. It’s mental, feeling entrapped, restricted, and having no hope.

Mentor Love!

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