Pick your battles in life wisely!


A talk with my 18-25 yrs old new inmates today in Men 101 Mentoring. Date: 11/17/20
I got up this morning getting ready for my class. I was reflecting over what I was going to talk to the small group of young incarcerated men about as all of us are sick and tired of being on lockdown, being depressed, and not able to move around. So here is an excerpt from my early morning class:

“Good morning gentlemen. I know that you are going through it yet I want you to know that life is filled with many opportunities despite us being on lockdown for the past 7 months due to covid 19. The question I want to ask every one of you is “Are you careful in the daily battles you choose to fight?” I thought about this as I watched the news this morning and saw so many people creating their misery and problems by not picking the right battles to fight. I want you men to understand that most of the 6.5 billion people on this earth at some point in their lives will fight for what they believe in, argue with friends and family, loved ones and say and do things they don’t mean. It’s just how life is. A lot of times the things we battle over in our lives are not that important as we make them out to be. Many people are unhappy because they don’t know what battle or battles to engage in. Truth is, life is and will never be 100% the way every one of us in this room wants it to be. Also, people, in general, will never act as we want them to. There will be people who don’t see or understand as you do and want to do things differently. If we fight against these facts of life, we will a spend lifetime fighting battles we can’t win.

I was taught by an older man when I first got locked up that I must look at life like being in the middle of a tornado. While everything around me is in a frenzy of activity I must remain calm and peaceful like the center of the tornado amid chaos. This mindset in this environment has given me so many more peaceful days than bad ones. I have been able to pick my daily battles more consciously and deal with battles that are worth fighting for and not worry about the small shit. Now I know each one of us is different and we all have different things going on in our lives, but for me to have done as much time as some of your current ages and use the mindset of being in the middle of a tornado. I want you men to try it and see how your life will change. Also in closing. Realize that as long as you do your best, be happy with the outcome of your actions.”

Mentor Love!