Every morning all inmates are up and ready to be freed from their rooms by 6:15 am. We enter the day room and wait for them to call our building for the breakfast meal, which consists of stale cereal, old milk and a muffin. After which, I’m sitting in the day room I’m listening to the other 119 men in my unit talking loudly, arguing over sports and just being negative at 6 am. I close my eyes, sit back and think:

In my world you’re either a pessimist or an optimist.

In my world you either find faults all the time or you discover a remedy.

In my world you either seek sympathy or you spread cheer.

In my world you either criticize your circumstance or you change your condition.

In my world you either create loneliness or you find mature friends.

In my world you either be negative about EVERYTHING of do your best to promote positivity.

In my world you either build barriers or you remove roadblocks.

I share this with you because I want you to NEVER come to my world. Remember someone always has it worst than you!

Mentor Love