This morning 7/11/2018, 7:30 am. I met up with my younger inmates ages 18-30. I walked in the room and they were loud talking about women. It started good than there were a few arguments and I had to set them straight. Here is an excerpt of the discussion this morning:

“Ok men calm down. Your arguing over whose woman looks the best, whose woman is doing the best holding her man down and whose woman has promised to do what you need done. This is some childish shit. This is a mentoring program so I guess I will have to mentor about the value of a woman since yall acting like you don’t know. Do you men that have a woman in your life, do you really know what your woman is besides, her ass, boobs and looks? Women are inventors, life givers and they sacrifice like no other. They have the God given ability to have children. But what you men need to understand is a woman or your woman is more than someone to have sex with or give you a baby. Now I’m going on 43 and old enough to be your fathers, yet the way all of you are thinking and talking about women, someone would think all of you were stuck in the 1800’s with the way you think of women. Understand young men that women can make something out of nothing, have your back better than so called boys and a lot of other things.

I want you men to think about a few things. First think about the women in your lives and why do they always try and help you if you tell them your having a bad day? Why do you think your woman always like to hear about your day, tell you her plans and goals and make sure you follow through with your promises and goals you set? I’ll tell you why, a woman is a Fixer. She likes to fix things that are not right. Its a woman nature to do that. I could go on and on about how great a woman is. Simply Women are like scientist. They can take something plain and make it beautiful. Look at how they do their hair, make up, the clothes they wear and how they know how to dress your kids the right way. Do you men know what the word Manifest means? It means creating what wasn’t there. Women love to manifest and can start with NOTHING and always end up with something. I take my hat off to all the single mothers who have 1 or more children, working a 9-5 job, or working for themselves. Going to college or trade school and taking care of home all by their damn self and still making time to deal with men in their lives. We men can barley take care of ourselves. So I hope now you can be more thankful and appreciative of the women in your lives. They are a Gift from God to us men and are meant to be adored, respected, and your better half.”

Mentor Love