The Men 101 Mentoring program I created is something that I’m passionate about and is my calling in life. To educated and help the incarcerated get on track to become better human beings is priceless to me. With close to 20 years of prison experience, I’ve come to the conclusion that most if not all people in prison committed crimes out of real or the imagined need for money. Once coming to prison its up to the inmate to seek the help he/she needs to change and I’m hear to tell you most don’t. That’s why 80% of inmates released from state and federal prisons come back within a year. Once released, ex convicts are likely to end up on five paths to choose from:
#1 Try and find a job.
#2 Start a business.
#2 Get on some sort of public assistance.
#4 Become homeless.

The truth is prison is supposed to be a place that you do time for a crime you committed. Than that prison your assigned to has the proper programs and staff to help inmates improve their way of thinking and can assist them in getting the help they need to be productive citizens. Trust me it don’t go that way. The truth is the majority of people that are released from prison have not changed their negative thinking, never developed any real skills to work a good job, have no G.E.D’s and so on. Its also a know fact that a criminal conviction puts a ex-con at a big disadvantage in the job market. I’m going to change all that:) My desire to get in contact with the right people that can change laws, work with state and federal prison across American to institute the right programs and also change the mindset of congress about what prison is truly about. On my end of helping fix this massive epidemic of getting Inmates back on the right track. I look for the biggest, meanest and dangerous men and I break them down. Some cry, some threaten and some want to fight. But at the end I ALWAYS WIN. I win as I’m respected and I care. I’m not someone that is on TV just talking about prison reform and never have been to prison or had a easy life.

I am living the hell they are living, so they can all relate to me. I educate all inmates I mentor that prison life is and can be tough, dangerous and even deadly. At the same time prison can be educationally rewarding and can change your life for the better if you let it. I’m talking about prison is a place where you can identify your strengths and weakness and focus on things that can help make your life better. I also let them know that rather than allowing prison to weigh you down, make it push you to change your life. Also don’t make your time worst by wasting your time. Get motivated and do EVERYTHING to insure you have learned your lesson and you wont come back! That’s what I enjoy doing helping inmates see the light in this dark dark place.

Mentor Love