True story:
About 8 years ago I used to be connected on corrlinks with an older woman name Gloria who was like a Grandmother to me. I had mentored her grandsons who were both at the prison I was at, and the youngest went home and got killed. I stayed in contact with her till 2014 when she died. She was 90yrs old, mixed with black & Indian and from the South. She was a very high spirited woman and used to tell me about her past life and the things I need to be doing as a person to have a full and blessed life like her. She always read books and had a positive attitude no matter what, even when someone had stolen her identify and took money out of her bank account. She told me “Well if God let me live this long Leonard money has no value to me as I been poor my whole life and whoever took it they needed it more than me and God bless them.” Gloria was the shit and I was able to meet her one time and that one time during a visit changed my life and the way I think.

As we sat on a visit I asked her, ” Hey Gloria why do you read 3-5 books a week? She said, “Leonard I have to keep working on my mental. We are all responsible to have and keep a positive attitude at all times. My attitude doesn’t work on automatic!” I smiled and sat back and enjoyed being able to have her in my life during the hardest time Ever in my life. I share that blessing of having Gloria in my life with you, as she taught me even though I’m incarcerated I must continue NO MATTER WHAT to work daily on my attitude. See we choose what attitudes we have throughout our lives and those attitudes shape the way we live our lives.

It amazes me how some family, friends and those I mentor fail to take full responsibility for the way their lives are going. When some don’t get their way its always “Man such and such is so lucky for the life they have.” Or when they are upset its “Man this person did this and that to me.” When I hear people blaming others. I tell them “Hey the best day in your life will be the day you take responsibility for your attitude.” The following are more things Grandma Gloria used to tell me:

‘We cannot choose how many years we will live, but we can choose how much life those years will have.”
“We cannot control the beauty or our faces, but we can control the expressions on them.”

Remember we often try and choose to control things we can’t, and to seldom do we choose what we can control our “ATTITUDES”. A happy person is not defined by having money or a certain set of great circumstances, but rather a person with a certain set of the right ATTITUDES!

Mentor Love