I’ll be the first to admit. Let a bunch of adult men be in a room watching the news. Suddenly the news starts reporting about a female teacher who was caught or suspected of having sex or some sort of sexual contact with one of her male students. All you will hear is “Goddamn why not me when I was younger. How old was she? What does she look like, pretty face, nice boobs, and ass? What type of sexual activity was she caught doing, fucking, sucking, anal, or some other freaky type of sex?”

That’s just how most men talk as Donald Trump says, its locker room talk. It’s wrong to think that way and what’s even worst is, a lot of movies and music videos show teenage boys dreaming of having sex with their teachers or older women that are pretty, have big boobs and tight clothes. It is perpetuated in American culture that teenage males can and should have sex with as many girls and women as possible. That’s a double standard as if teenage girls were to sleep around with boys and older men they are slut-shamed, called whores, and get bad reputations. Now, how many times have you heard of female teachers who were pedophiles? The answer may be few compared to male pedophiles, but the most talked-about pedophile teacher in the 1990’s was Mary Kay Letourneau.

The former elementary school teacher at Shorewood Elementary school in Burien Washington. She’s the daughter of John Schmitz, who ran for the President of the United States in 1972 on the American Independent party ticket. At age 34 Letourneau was charged with statutory rape involving her 13-year-old student, Vilifualaau. She later gave birth to his daughter while serving a 7 1/2 prison sentence. After her release, they got married and had more children.

The fact is most adult males don’t see anything wrong with a teenage boy having sex with an older woman. Where the bias with men is that a woman doesn’t have a penis and cant physically hurt, sodomize, or penetrate a male. So there is no threat of him getting hurt. Well maybe his heart will get hurt as he might and most likely will develop feelings for an older woman, but we men don’t judge women that have sex with teenage boys as we would with a teenaged daughter age 14 having sex with a 24-year-old man. The definition of pedophilia is: Sexual perversion in which children are the preferred sexual object.
The definition of a child is: A young period between the periods of Infancy and youth.

To most men, younger males ages 13-18 are teenagers and strongly encouraged to have sex with as many teenage girls and women as they can. Adult males will smile, laugh, pat the male teen on the back, and root for him. I know this all too well. Back when I was a 14-year-old freshman in high school. I was considered a man child being, 6’3, 225 lbs with a full beard. I was very mature for my age and that lead me to have a few sexual relationships with female teachers and teacher aids between the ages of 22-30. I wasn’t molested and I knew exactly what I was doing. The football coaches all knew what was going on and told me to keep my business on the low and be careful and don’t have any babies. When an adult male hears about a teenage boy who was involved in a sexual relationship with his older female teacher and the teenage male tells on his teacher. They will get mad and say that the boy was dumb or why in the hell would he tell on getting some sex from an older woman?

Myself and L& T Empire do not condone any adult men or women having sex with underaged teens or children. My experience with older women when I was a teen wasn’t me being forced or molested. That may not be the case for other male teens involved with an older woman or teacher. I’m just blogging about the truth of how bias men are when it comes to female Pedophiles.

Mentor Love