The following blog excerpt is from one of my mentoring sessions with incarcerated men soon to go home. Getting that groove back or dating women is what most if not all men in prison talk about. I would say that’s 80% of daily conversation among us men. Knowing that Incarcerated men need to get their priorities together and focus not on sex but getting on their feet, I took the responsibility many years ago to get incarcerated men’s mind right before being released. Being a good mentor, I have to make sure that the men I mentor stay in reality and its not easy but it must be done. Most young men don’t have a clue about sex or keeping a woman happy and think getting a woman pregnant makes them a man. Here is an excerpt of a mentoring discussion I have with younger inmate men on the regular.

“Men lets talk about a few things. We all want to go home and get back to having sex with a woman after being gone for so long. But I’m here to tell you that sex should be the least on your mind when just getting out of prison. You know I don’t sugar coat shit. I don’t want all of you to be thinking with your little head. Chasing after women that look good, have nice bodies, smell good and saying what you want to hear is a NO NO when getting out of prison. Lets keep it 100%. Most of you have never really been intimate or truly loved a woman. Get that look off your face as I know this is truth and fact and so do you. When I say intimate I’m not talking about sex. You younger men need to know that there are other forms of intimacy besides sex. You have emotional, spiritual, mental and physical touch like holding hands.

Hear me out young men. Its hard to jump right back into the swing of things after getting out of prison. You have so many other important things to worry about. Now that your older you men are expected to know how to treat a woman better in all ways and I’m hear to tell you the shit that I hear all of y’all talk about daily, the ladies going to run,lol. But seriously if you jump in bed the first day out of prison it may be a critical error. You men want to build a bridge of tenderness and honesty that will help with the many years you been out the game of dating. Keep new relationships light and easy and don’t put to much stress on yourself. You waited years to be with a woman so a few weeks or months aint going to hurt you. In fact honest and open communication of your true feelings can be much more intimate than anything your body can do. I wish all of you men Great successful and remember love yourself first by getting your life going in the right direction before jumping into someone’s bed!”

Mentor Love