Convict confessions: Blog #4


The Plastic bag bandit Part 1

I am doing 25 yrs in federal prison for being a serial bank robber and being known as the Plastic bag Bandit. I don’t condone or brag on my run as a serial bank robber. The following blog is raw, up close and a personal account on one of my many robberies.

My palms were sweaty as I sat in a stolen car fifty years from the bank I was about to rob. My mind was all over the place as I had a million thoughts running through my mind. How in the hell did I get to this point in my life? Time was of the essence, I would hold a pity party later. I made sure I looked around twice before I got out the car. As I walked towards the bank my nerves and mind were fucking with me, as I felt everybody that walked past me somehow knew I was going to rob a bank. As soon as I entered the bank I quickly scanned the lobby. I saw a fat black out of shape rent a cop sitting on a stool to my left. He posed no threat as he didn’t have a gun, but only a large black flashlight in his left hand. I got in line and acted as if I was waiting in line. I pulled my red OSU hat down as I kept scanning the bank. I was watching the cameras that were mounted on the wall and behind each teller station. I was counting how long it took the cameras to sway from left to right. They moved in a clock type manner slowly ticking from side to side. “Bingo” I noticed the camera to the far right was moving faster than the others. I was taught by the best and in my learning how to rob a bank I knew that any camera that was moving faster than the others was a decoy and a fake camera not turned on. As the teller called “Next” I kindly asked the person in front of me could I could I go next. As I approached the college age bank teller. My stomach was doing back flips but I remain focused on what I was there to do. “Hello sir how may I help you?” I smiled reached in my back pocket and pulled out a small folded up piece of paper. The blonde teller smiled and opened the folded paper and quickly turned beat red as she read the note. I saw her about to reach under the counter to press the emergency button. I leaned forward “Bitch I wouldn’t do that if I was you” She stood straight up. I handed her a large brown plastic bag. She bit down on her bottom lip, and quickly started filling the bag. I saw the fat rent a cop get up and go in the back. That was my sign to get the fuck outta there. I tapped the counter hurrying the teller. She handed me the large brown plastic bag full of money. I slowly turned around and headed for the door.

As soon as I was 15 feet from the bank, I took off in a full sprint. The stolen car was 50 yards ahead behind a house with large bushes. I reached the car and quickly put the bag of money under the passenger seat. I started the car and drove away. As I was about to turn the corner I looked in the rearview mirror, and saw two men who were tellers at the bank running trying to catch a glimpse of the back license plate. They were a few seconds to late as I turned the corner and headed straight towards the freeway express ramp. I got off at the first exit and pulled into a car wash. There I wiped the stolen car down with bleach, and checked the car twice for anything left behind. I than got in my car parked on the other side of the car wash and drove off. The plastic bag bandit got away again. I made it home and did my usual. Took a shower and laid down to clam my nerves. I woke up and watched the 12 o’clock news. I turned on the 60″ flat screen and pressed the remote. Suddenly all the news channels were shown in small squares. Channel 4, 6,10 and Fox 28 news. I sat back and drink my soda and turned up the volume. “Breaking News”. “Live at blue bank FBI and Columbus police are baffled how this black male keeps slipping getting away from Law enforcement. If you have any information please call the FBI for a $25,000 reward”. I turned the TV off and counted my early morning prize of $95,000. This was my 10th robbery and now I had a name. I wanted to stop, but the addiction and rush was to much and I was spinning out of control. Part 2 coming soon.

Mentor Love