Convict confessions: Blog #3


Hood celebrity

I was on top of the world meeting and getting to know famous people before I was arrested. What man in the game would pass up the chance to party with and get to know Jay-Z, Brittney Spears, Jamie Foxx, and other A list celebrities and TV personalities? I am not talking about paying $20-$100 to get in a club or catch a glimpse of them form a distance. I’m talking about being in the V.I.P area popping bottles, trading numbers and building friendships with them. The good life, rubbing shoulders with millionaires and famous people. Most drug dealers/criminals don’t make it long enough in the game to enjoy that, but I did. The majority are either being chased by the police, getting arrested, coming to jail, prison or worst getting killed in the streets. Most drug dealers are all fighting for that top spot, that celebrity lifestyle, tax free money, come, go, buy what you want type of life. If a drug dealer/ criminal is good at what he does, he will become known as a
“Hood Celebrity”. All sides of town from east, west, north and south will be talking about him in beauty salons, barber shops, clubs and in a lot of females mouths. Don’t let that hood celebrity be attractive, its even worst. For me I have always been popular. Once I started getting fast money I made it my business to be at all the top parties and events in Ohio, making sure my wealth was on my neck, wrists, ears, fingers and choice of clothes and cars I drove.

I was used to the stares from women. Being 6’4, 240lbs, single, no children, smart, white teeth and rumor was I had a mean stroke behind closed doors. Add money to that profile and it was like attracting bees to honey. I was a man who learned early in life, relationships don’t last forever when you in the game, so have as much fun as you could. I enjoyed the finest and sexiest women Ohio and surrounding states had to offer. I also understood at an early age. Show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are. I surrounded myself with the top ballers and people making shit happen. From Musicians, Actors, Lawyers, Doctors and celebrities women. I can’t name names as a real man never tells. Its also a sad life. People being your friend for all the wrong reasons. For what you have, who you know and what you can do for them. Also women trying to trap you with a baby buy poking holes in condoms or trying to set you up so you can be robbed. People plotting to harm you, tell on you and kill you all over some money and jealousy. Once you have lived that type of life and your lucky enough to live through it. You soon realize God has a better plan for you than you thought. Its so sad to see so many young and even older men still wanting to be a hood celebrity risking their lives not realizing their full potential or contribution to the world only they can give. Selling drugs is the worst things that someone can do. It not only destroys lives and tears communities apart. It makes you become a FOOL and makes you forget what goes up must come down!

Mentor Love