Its a must that I pray daily to ask for mental strength while incarcerated. Its not easy doing all I do and I’m only human. Here is what I ask for and say daily for over 16yrs:

“Lord today I pray to learn something new today that can help me with my time in prison and in my life. I pray for understanding to accept the things beyond my control and not take everything so seriously. I pray to hold onto courage and hope, and not let doubt discourage me form doing anything positive I aspire to do while Incarcerated and beyond. I pray to have the strength to keep building bridges and never walls. I pray to see the best in the fatherless youth, at risk teens and inmates I mentor and talk to daily. Also never judge them and always look for the good in them. I pray to always give thanks to all my family and friends that are there for me during my time of need. I pray to always keep the faith that this is just a time out period in my life and I have an entire life ahead of me. I pray that I stay focused and never waste my time on
non productive things and work on my goals and dreams and know that no matter what I can achieve anything. I pray Lord that you watch over me and allow me to deal with this hardship in my life the right way and I come out of prison not only a changed man but a changed man that can be used to do your will. Amen

Mentor Love