Talking to young inmates aged 18-25 in my mentoring program


“Good morning men. This morning is a great day as I’m going to tell you a few things that will both change and improve your lives.

Many of you grew up without fathers who should have taught you how to become and be a man. Now, instead, you’re incarcerated with me doing a hard time anywhere from 2-15 years in federal prison. I and the other men in this program are going to help you as a father should help his son.

I have personally interviewed all of you in this room, and I know your strengths and weakness. All of you signed up for this mentoring program as you all have put your pride to the side by saying “Mentor Love, my way of living my life isn’t working”. I need help and I want you to help me become a better man and help me do this prison time as best as I can.”

With all being said, I and the other mentors are going to teach you that the first thing in becoming a man is to understand what the word Vision means. Vision is important because it takes a man with a great deal of it to successfully plan, research, and navigate his life course. As part of ‘Men 101 Mentoring’, you will learn as a group to strive to always be your best no matter what your life situation is. We are going to teach you, and be on your young asses like white on rice, to help you create concrete goals and learn how to have a positive Vision in everything you do.

In the process of becoming better overall men, you will be taught to see your lives in three stages. The past, present, and future. This technique of learning from your past mistakes and what you’re currently doing in your life will help you be able to see how your future will be. We will help you gain a new sense of purpose and direction in your life which will help you have the Vision all men need to make it in this tough and unfair world.

Our goal is to be your surrogate fathers to help you meet your potential as leaders, pioneers, entrepreneurs, and help you realize all the positive things you were meant to achieve. When you’re done with this 12-week course you will see an immediate change in yourself, in the way you think, and you will develop a thirst for learning.  All I ask is that you trust me and the men I have personally picked to help change your lives!”


Mentor Love