Addiction and Depression can happen to anyone!


Singer Demi Lovato rushed to the hospital 7/24/18 on an apparent overdose of heroin. She couldn’t even shake addiction and depression, and she’s rich with supportive friends and family! Normally I don’t blog about celebrities unless they are doing something to help the incarcerated or helping people that need it. I had to post something about a woman I have been following for years as I like her music and the fact that she is a recovering addict and was trying to stay clean. I used her story many times in the last 5 years of my mentoring incarcerated men with addiction and depression issues. I’ve talked about how Demi Lovato and other famous people with money needed help getting clean with having the proper team in their corner. I have talked about if celebrities didn’t have money and have their families and friends supporting them getting clean they would relapse in a heartbeat. What hope is there for someone with the same addiction and has no one or a program to help them? I’m in prison with hundreds and thousands of incarcerated men and women addicted to drugs and very depressed. Today was a wake up call about the reality of no matter how much money you have, how great your life may seem. If your not strong mentally, have an addiction and not getting the right help you will fall victim as drugs and depression don’t discriminate on race, wealth or religion. If your needing help PLEASE get the help you need. Don’t be ashamed, let pride get in the way or let someone talk you out of getting help for addiction and depression.

Mentor Love