Welcome To Prison: Phase#1


Schooling You Phase 1

You have just been arrested. This is the start and Initiation you will go through when first coming to country jail. The charge could be a misdemeanor (A crime less serious than a felony, such as driving with no license or having too many unpaid parking tickets). Or a felony (A serious crime punishable by a guaranteed trip to jail and prison for such crimes of robbery, selling drugs or worst murder. After your processed and booked. You will be stripped searched and finger printed and allowed one free phone call. *I highly recommend you use this one phone call wisely and call someone that you can 100% depend on and who has your back. If you have an Attorney call them. I also recommend that If your reading this, that you start to put money away or have a charge card put to the side for unexpected trouble with the law. I say $500-2000. TRUST me you never know what can or could happen. Be safe rather than sorry!

After your phone call, your officially an inmate and placed in a holding cell or room with other law breakers. The Jail guards will start calling each inmate by their first and last name and you will come to the door and follow them. You will be escorted to a pod or unit. A pod is normally a small room with 4-8 bunk beds. Currently a lot of jails are converting to larger areas or units where 25-100 inmates can be housed. County jail is one of the worst places a person can ever go. The pods or units are cold and food is nasty as hell. The showers can get so hot you can get 3rd degree burns and the air condition stays on 24/7 full blast. You will eat breakfast between 4-5am. If your sleeping and miss the “Chow time” calling by jail guards serving breakfast, you simply wont eat. Most jails have a saying among the inmates “Sleep late lose weight”.

There is a lot of fighting and stealing in country jails across America. The strong and groups of inmates pick on the weak and those with the wrong charges. What I mean by the wrong charges are individuals with charges or being accused of Rape, Child molesters, harming women, children or older adults. They get beat up, raped, their food taken, and most times have no choice but to go to the hole or Shu. Shu stands for “Special housing unit”. The Shu is usually located at the basement of all jails. There jail inmates are isolated from other inmates in a single cell room. The room is small with a toilet, single bed and dirty sink. This area is normally the size of a small closet or smaller. This Shu is also where all inmates go for fighting and other jail violations.

*If you cant post a bond, meaning you can pay a certain amount of money to get out of jail and come back at a later date to answer for your crime, than your life is about to be turned upside down. Daily contact with your family, friends, children, a job or college will all stop and you will see peoples true colors. This is what is called “The moment of truth”. At this point Your crime/charges will determine how long you will stay in jail. That could be anywhere from, 1-12 months or longer until the courts decide what to charge you with.