10 common reasons why 50% of inmates come back to prison after being released!


The following is what I talked about today in My Men 101 mentoring prison program. This particular class I teach is for Men who were released and come back to prison within a year after being released. The following is an excerpt of what I talked about today 3/8/21.

“Good morning men. We last talked about what were some of the reasons why a lot of you men failed once released, and now your back looking at me for a second time less than a year after you got released from this hell hole. You didn’t listen to anything I said and it shows me that you just took this class to say that you took a program. Most of you have told me all the sob stories, yet remember I get the real info as I see what you were arrested for and how much extra time you received from your probation officers and the courts. Now there are 12 of you in this calls and guess what? There are 9 of you back on a new charges. Well I’m going to go over some of the most common reasons why most of you came back:

1 Lack of a well-defined purpose in life:

There is no hope of success for anybody who doesn’t have a certain purpose, plan or definite goal to aim at. This is #1 why most Inmates FAIL to adjust to society after being released.

2 Lack of Ambition:

There is little help for any Inmate who doesn’t want to get ahead in life and who is not willing to play the price to get ahead. Life is what you make it men and its up to you to be accountable for your decisions you make in life.

3 Lack of Education:

Understand men that anyone who is educated is a person who has learned to get whatever he/she wants in life without violating others. Education consists, not so much of knowledge, but knowledge effectively and persistently applied.

4 Lack of Self Discipline:

Discipline comes through self control. This means that one must control all negative qualities, before you can control yourself!

5 Bad Health:

No inmate can ever enjoy any sort of success once released without good health. I’m not talking just about physical health. There are some of you men in this room that can do 1000-2500 push ups with no problem, but what about your mental, emotional and spiritual heath?

6 Unfavorable Environmental Influences:

Most of us men in this room grew up in the hood and had criminal tendencies, and learned them from our friends and family members growing up. But we are now all grow and there is no excuse why you cant change.

7 Procrastination:

Most of us go through life as failures, because we are waiting for the “Right Time” to start and do something positive or good. I’m telling you that’s a bunch of Bullshit. There will never be a right time. You have to be like Nike and “Just Do It”.

8 Lack or Persistence:

Most of us are good starters but poor finishers or everything we begin. You have to want to fix that.

9 Wasting Time:

Watching MTV and BET all day. Being a gossiper and doing anything in prison that takes you from doing what you know you should be doing is bad if you want to improve your life. You have to go hard and don’t be like the others around you.

10 Having a negative personality:

This should be #1 but I listed this as #10 as there is no hope for any of you who allow your emotions to Fuck with you and stop you from being positive. Also you cant go back out to society and piss, repeal or make people hate you.

If you listen to what I have just told you. I think most of you will make it! Yet you must have a PLAN and this week we are going to work on what’s your 3,5 and 10 yr plans!”

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