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The ultimate blog site and guide to incarceration and the Criminal Justice system in America. 

Welcome to Prisonmentorlove.com. A educational blog site and guide to the many facets of Incarceration in America.

  Mission Statement: Dedicated to the educational, social and spiritual edification of Incarcerated Individuals with inclusion of families, friends and loved ones of the Incarcerated.

Vision: *Awaken society to the truths and realities regarding Incarceration in the United State's prison system. *Strengthen the bond between the Incarcerated and their families, friends and loved ones. *Educate the youth about crime, addiction, abuse, education, self discipline, and the consequences of breaking the law. *Create a 501 (c) no-profit to assist families and children affected by Incarceration. *Create a reintegration platform working with local communities and businesses to provide assistance to ex-convicts in the process of gaining employment, housing, voting rights and transportation.

About Prisonmentorlove.com

This site presents uncut, factual, informative and life enriching blogs that addresses the scope of Incarceration throughout the United States. Here, you will find evidence regarding the economical profiting of the US Corrections system; the inmate quality of life; the truth about rehabilitation and even some advice on improving prison relationships. Much of the blog site contains actual and personal life experiences and thoughts from Mentor Love's 35+ years including street life and incarceration in the Federal prison system. Remarkably, you will also find excerpts from a phenomenal prison mentoring program founded by Love over 16 years ago. The mentorship provides viable life and transitional skills to facilitate Incarcerated men's re-entry back into society and to combat recidivism

Words from Mentor Love: "Prison and Graveyards do not discriminate against age, race, color, rich, poor or where you live."

Hello my name is Leonard Love and thank you for viewing my educational blog site. I would like to present you with some unbelievable facts about the United States Criminal Justice system. Did you know there are close to 2.3 million (1 out of 152 adults in the U.S) in state and federal prisons, county jails and detention centers throughout the United States? (1) Did you know that close to 500,000 of the incarcerated suffer from some sort of mental illness or substance abuse problem? (1) Did you know around 50,000 inmates are youth? (2) Did you know that over 70 million people in the United States have a criminal record? That's 20% of the total U.S population of 350 million people. (3) Did you know the United States has just 5% of the worlds population but makes up a whopping 25% of the worlds prison population?

I was sentence to 25 years in Federal prison for armed bank robbery back in 2003. Since my incarceration I have turned my life around to serve God, provide positivity, encourage growth, and spread knowledge and assist others. I have become a mentor and big brother to at-risk youth, troubled teens and first time inmates. I'm also a human rights advocate an activist for prison reform including justice equality and an entrepreneur that creates recession proof businesses. Throughout my many years of incarceration. I have accumulated a multitude of challenging and revelatory life experiences that I often share for the edification of others. By perseverance and faith during unimaginable circumstances and divine intervention, I have managed to transition over 18 yrs of negating prison conditions into a positive source of support and inspiration to the incarcerated community and society.

I kindly ask ALL viewers to help share this blog through their social media, among friends, family and anyone you know that needs to know the truth about Incarceration in America. If you have any questions, concerns or help with problems you are dealing with Please text me a

 (626) 424-0934

Thank you for viewing and sharing this blog site!

Sincerely Leonard Love

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